Thiết bị cảm biến mức Level sensor Model FLM

Magnetostrictive, high-resolution measuring principle

Applications of the level sensor

  • High-accuracy level measurement for almost all liquid media
  • Chemical industry, petrochemical industry, natural gas, offshore, shipbuilding, machine building, power generating equipment, power stations
  • Process water and drinking water treatment, food and beverage industry, pharmaceutical industry
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Description of the level sensor

The level sensor models FFG-P, FFG-T, FFG-TP and the FLM-H level sensor are used for the high-accuracy, continuous level measurement of liquids and are based on determining the position of a magnetic float according to the magnetostrictive measuring principle.

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Special Features of the level sensor

  • Process and system-specific solutions possible
  • Operating limits:
  • Operating temperature: T = -90 ... +400 °C
  • Working pressure: P = Vacuum to 100 bar
  • Limit S. G.: ρ ≥ 400 kg/m3
  • Resolution < 0.1 mm
  • Wide variety of different electrical connections, process connections and materials
  • Explosion-protected versions
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