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Thiết bị đo lưu lượng loại Meter run Model FLC-MR

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Description of the meter run

Differential pressure flow meters are used in many industrial applications. If a high measuring accuracy is requested, the best solution for primary elements is a meter run.

A meter run is an assembly consisting of an orifice plate with flanges and calibrated upstream and downstream pipes. Since the meter run is manufactured as one unit, it is possible to optimally match all components with each other. Thusany faults that might lead to measuring inaccuracies can be avoided.

Standards use the term “meter run” only for small pipe diameters up to 1 ½". For larger pipe diameters starting from 2" the model FLC-MR-SP is the appropriate solution. 

Irrespective of the size, the type of installation and tapping point or the different transmitter connections of the meter run, our portfolio offers the optimal solution for each application.